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Our Mission

The lead folks at Zummo Hardware in Norristown, Joe, JJ and a few customers are working with educators at the Gotwals elementary school to supply refurbished bicycles, new helmets and locks (The Zummo Pack) to students with perfect attendance in the 1st through 4th grades.

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How did it get started?

Meet Jarius, the catalyst! Last fall, he came to Zummo's (there are no bike shops in Norristown) for parts and advice to fix his bike. With the staff busy handling customers (they are the best with kids) one of the regular customers acted like a Zummo, scraped up some miscellaneous parts and worked with Jarius (he did the wrenching) to fix the gooseneck issue. Knowing the bike was a little tired, we repurposed a "sitting around the garage bike" and few days later, the 7th grader had a reliable set of wheels!

Zummo Bikes Is Born

Following the Jarius effort, with a little bit of dialogue and some coordination, we kicked off the Zumo bike program to reward the Gotwals kids for their excellent attendance work.

Our first batch of bikes were raffled off to 11 out of 28 first to fourth grade students who attended a perfect attendance breakfast celebration with their parents. Between now and the end of the school year, we'll get the remaining 17 students squared away with our Zummo Cycling Package.

Our Numbers


28 / 528

Our Goal

In 2016 we were able to provide 28 kids with bicycles at Gotwals elementary school for perfect attendance, but we think we can do even better. Our goal for this upcoming year is to donate 128 bicycles. We believe that helping kids achieve their goals while providing positive reinforcement will help better the school and the community. We think every kid deserves opportunities, no matter their situation, and we’re looking to gain support from people like you to help with our program. Sign up below if you would like to volunteer or donate some fresh wheels to our cause.

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How Can I Help?

If you have a bike - in the 20" to 24" format that has plenty of life, consider selling it to us at a fair price or donating - you'll be helping out a whole lot!

Alternatively, if you want to help with bike maintenance, logistics (chasing down bikes) bike detailing or joining the Zummo kids for a scheduled breakfast or lunch ride down the river trail (we have adult bikes including electrified ones at the hardware store ) that would be a home run as well.

Feel free to call or text Steve or JJ. Thanx for thinking about us.

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Contact Us

Steve 610.633.2830
JJ 610.639.8192